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Chicago Loan Workout

If you are facing foreclosure, our Chicago, IL foreclosure attorneys can help you find a solution. Don’t give in to the bank’s terms. You may have options that enable you to avoid foreclosure. Let our experienced lawyers create a plan to save your home. We understand that you want your family to be taken care of, our attorneys can remove some of the stress and focus on the rest of your life.


The experienced Chicago loan workout lawyers at the Benjamin Brand LLP know the mortgage industry and negotiate with lenders and banks on our clients’ behalf. A lender may agree to a loan modification if your financial hardship is due to temporary setbacks like unemployment or emergency medical expenses.

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A loan workout plan is often called a loan modification. Unlike refinancing, which retires the existing agreement, a loan workout restructures the debt by changing the terms of your current loan to lower monthly payments. This allows you to keep your home and sidestep foreclosure while still paying your bills.

avoid foreclosure with a loan modification in chicago. A Chicago loan workout can lower mortgage payments.

Typical Chicago loan workout plans may include

Restructuring your debt by looking at your loans

Potentially minimizing your monthly payments

Turning an adjustable interest rate into a fixed rate

Extending the loan repayment period

Looking factors preventing you from paying the loan

Get started by making copies of any and all documents relating to your home loan. A Chicago loan workout lawyer at Benjamin Brand, LLP can review the information, provide sound legal advice and conduct negotiations with any creditor. Depending on your situation, a loan modification as part of a bankruptcy filing may help you obtain the best result.

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A loan workout in Chicago may take time and negotiation experience. When successful, the loan modification can help you get debt relief and avoid foreclosure 

Morgtage lenders and banks don’t have to modify the terms of your agreement. You deserve someone with experience fighting for you.

Contact the Chicago loan workout attorneys at Benjamin Brand, LLP today or call 312.853.3100 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation. We can help you find a foreclosure solution that fits your needs.

The attorneys at Benjamin Brand LLP can negotiate with your mortgage lender or bank. We work aggressively to help you avoid foreclosure.

Bankruptcy is a last resort. There may be alternatives that can help you deal with the financial burden. Call us at 312.853.3100 for more information about our areas of expertise and to find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you.

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