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Mayor Emanuel Critical of Governor Quinn Appointee Who Filed Bankruptcy

This Illinois Statehouse News video features Governor's Office of Management and Budget spokeswoman Kelly Kraft, who Governor Pat Quinn chose to be executive director of the Illinois Sports Facilities ...
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'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Author Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This video shows Robert Kiyosaki's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's talk show in 2000 following the publication of his successful financial self-help book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." On October 12, 2012, ...
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Famous Bankruptcies: Ulysses S. Grant

As millions of Americans consider which candidate they think is the best man to be president, this week's famous bankruptcy will look back on one of the former presidents that numerous polls rank as ...
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Famous Bankruptcies: Mike Tyson

A former heavyweight champion who amassed roughly $400 million over two decades and could once command $30 million for a night's work, Mike Tyson ultimately had to file bankruptcy in 2003. The New ...
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Famous Bankruptcies: Donald Trump

"I don't like the 'b' word," Donald Trump said from the witness stand in a New Jersey bankruptcy courtroom in 2010. Oddly enough, it was during the third time that Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. was ...
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Famous Bankruptcies: Abraham Lincoln

Chances are good that you have probably seen the infamous "Abraham Lincoln Didn't Quit" list that has appeared in numerous emails and books ever since it was first created, even appearing in Reader's ...
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