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Foreclosure Process Slowing Down, But Not Going Away

The median number of days to resolve foreclosure cases rose 25.5 percent compared with a year ago in the Chicago area for the three months ended in June, the Chicago Tribune reported on September 22, ...
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Credit Card Default Rates Drop In Chicago

Fewer Chicago area residents defaulted on their credit cards in August as the rate fell from a year ago, the Chicago Tribune reported on September 20, 2011. According to the Standard and ...
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Illinois Ranked Among Worst Business Climates

Only two states have worse business climates than Illinois, according to a survey of 322 corporate executives by New York-based consulting firm Development Counsellors International. According to a ...
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Feds Pick On Poor And Powerless

The "mortgage fraud" defendants dragged into the grand federal courtrooms at 219 S. Dearborn St. are not bankers, but instead are "realtors, loan originators, 'straw buyers' and, occasionally, ...
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Proposed Bill Would Eliminate Property Tax Increases

State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock) introduced a bill that would eliminate property tax hikes in any year in which the gross property value of property in a taxing district decreases, Crain's Chicago ...
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Real Estate Industry Continues To Suffer

While the nearly 278,000 people who worked in the Chicago-area commercial real estate industry in the second quarter was a marginal increase from a year earlier, it is still down nearly 22 percent ...
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New Home Construction Suffers Alongside Struggling Housing Market

Around 54,000 new homes were built in the Chicago area in 2005, but only about 3,000 building permits have been issued so far this year to start construction on new housing, Voice of America reported ...
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Chicago One Of Five 'Choice Neighborhoods'

Chicago was one of five U.S. cities to get an inaugural "Choice Neighborhoods Initiative" grant, receiving $30.5 million in federal grant funds to redevelop a Woodlawn housing project as part of a ...
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