Five Tips to Help Avoid High Medical Bills

In our post on Monday, we discussed a recent Chicago Tribune article that highlighted how many individuals often become overwhelmed with bills for medical services that they did not really need. Just one day before the Tribune published that article, the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch website published a piece entitled, '5 cures for high medical bills." In the article, experts recommended:

  1. Bargain down the price - "It's much less time consuming and aggravating if you can make a deal to pay half of it in cash," Matthew Tassey, principal of Scribner Insurance and former chairman of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, told MarketWatch. "You need an ally on the inside," Tassey says. "If you can help that doctor be your advocate, you have a much, much higher success rate at getting the bill reduced."
  2. Review your bill - Insurance experts told MarketWatch that because the medical billing system has become increasingly automated, billing mistakes are common.
  3. Appeal - MarketWatch noted that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires an external appeals process through an independent review body to allow consumers to appeal their insurance companies' reimbursement decisions. However, Families USA deputy director of health policy Cheryl Fish-Parcham told MarketWatch, "You definitely need medical evidence to be successful."
  4. Get help negotiating - The ACA also funded grants that allow many states to offer "so-called consumer assistance programs," which the Department of Health and Human Services says helped recover more than $18 million in their first year.
  5. Shop around - While MarketWatch reported that experts advise staying in network whenever possible, they also added that when time permits, it is worth asking your doctor how much a procedure will cost and if it would be cheaper to get it elsewhere.

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