Blog Posts in July, 2012

How a $140 Sewer Bill Could Cost New Jersey Plumber More Than $50,000

If it was not surprising enough for 60-year-old Dominick Vulpis and his wife to learn last December that they had lost their home to foreclosure, imagine the shock when they learned exactly why: a ...
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Famous Bankruptcies: Ulysses S. Grant

As millions of Americans consider which candidate they think is the best man to be president, this week's famous bankruptcy will look back on one of the former presidents that numerous polls rank as ...
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Three Car Options in Chapter 7

On Monday, I touched on cramming down a car loan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Today, I wanted to touch on the three car options available to debtors who are filing Chapter 7 : Surrender - This option ...
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Cramming Down Car Loans in Chapter 13

Cars begin to depreciate as soon as they are driven off the lot, so I deal with many clients who end up owing more on an automobile than it is actually worth. However, debtors filing Chapter 13 ...
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